Our Craftmanship

Our Yarn is spun on the banks of the beautiful Loch Leven in Perth and Kinross in central Scotland. For almost one hundred and fifty years the woollen mill has combined the finest quality cashmere and lamb's wool fibre with the purity of Scottish water and the skill of traditional craftsmen to create the world's finest quality yarns. This is our inspiration and our starting point. 

Each of our products is designed and handcrafted in our studio in London. Many stages go into the creation of one of our products. We start by working with story boards to focus and gather our ideas and decide on our colour palettes for each new collection. Every stripe is then designed using yarn wraps before being knitted on our hand powered vintage machine. Once we are content with the stripe and proportions we must work out the exact measurements and pattern for each individual piece to ensure the best possible fit, this is a process that can take many adjustments. 


When the final piece is finished on the knit machine we must hand tie and knot all our ends, created each time we change colour. At this point each piece is carefully washed, pressed and finally hand finished and hand stitched to ensure a supreme quality and the creation of something you can use and love for years to come.