Lavender Gift Box Set

Three Norfolk lavender blossom filled pockets made with our stripy knitted fabric, with three different contrasting Liberty Tana Lawn backs. Petersham ribbon loops for hanging in wardrobes,  packaged in a gift box. This design is based on our Greenwich Park Summer scarf. 

A relaxing fragrance that will fill the air with it's calming scent for many years, each time the pockets are handled. May help deter moths from your winter woollens or precious cashmere. For best results clean woollens before storing in sealed plastic bags and place pocket inside on top of woollens.

Scottish Cashmere Eyemask

Knitted Cashmere and Liberty Tana Lawn eye mask, handcrafted from the finest British yarn and extremely soft. This luxurious eye mask helps block out light to enhance sleeping and is a great accompaniment to travellers that is both comforting and calming. The available colours are inspired by the Scottish Outer Hebrides and our travels.

Each mask has a contrast strap colour and is presented in a gift box with a matching little lavender blossom filled heart.

MidWinter Collection

Our New MidWinter collection, inspired by Tove Jansson's classic children's book Moominland Midwinter, published in 1957. While the rest of his family slumber, Moomintroll wakes from hibernation. He is forced to venture out into the snow alone and find a way through a strange and frightening world.

The story and illustrations motivated us to develop a delectable colour palette for our range of cushions, hot water bottles, scarves and lavender gifts. We hope you enjoy....

Textured Long Scarves

Knitted scarf with textured stitch, handcrafted from the finest British yarn with a strong focus on quality & craftsmanship and extremely soft.

We hope this scarf will bring a pop of colour to your wardrobe, it's long length means you can wrap up and layer it or leave it hanging loose depending on how you want to style it. The textured stitch makes a super warm fabric that will warm you on even the coldest day.

Rainbow After The Storm Collection

Our knitted blanket handcrafted from the finest British yarn is one of my most ambitious pieces. Inspired by the challenging events of 2020 and the need for hope when things are difficult. Our Rainbow After The Storm throw consists of 48 colours, the most we have ever used in one piece. Inspired by the popularity of this product we have introduced a capsule collection of matching cushions, scarves, hot water bottles and lavender blossom filled hearts.

The throw is part blanket for your home and part wrap that could be worn as a statement accessory. With a textured rib cuff at each end, the throw is knitted in a thick double knit that is creamy and soft and drapes beautifully. On each throw there is a little indented love heart at one edge.

We hope this collection will bring a pop of colour to your home and will inspire you that there is often a rainbow after a storm and better days are always just around the corner!