Knitted textiles using the finest quality British yarns to create a luxury product handcrafted in London. We use the softest Scottish spun cashmere and lamb's wool. Colour is at the heart of all of our products which we use to mix, match and clash to create subtly striped collections.


This collection is inspired by the nonsense world of Edward Lear's 1871 poem, The Owl & The Pussy-Cat. A tale of love between the title characters who marry in a land where the "Bong Tree" grows after setting sail to sea, for a year and a day, in a beautiful pea-green boat. The poem motivated us to develop a delectable colour palette for our range of cushions, hot water bottles, scarves and lavender gifts. We hope you enjoy setting sail to explore....


Our New Knitted blanket handcrafted from the finest British yarn with a strong focus on quality & craftsmanship and extremely soft.

This is one of my most ambitious pieces, inspired by the challenging events of 2020 and the need for hope when things are difficult. Our Rainbow after the storm throw consists of 47 colours, the most we have ever used in one piece. 

The throw is part blanket for your home and part wrap that could be worn as a statement accessory. With a textured rib cuff at each end, the throw is knitted in a thick double knit that is creamy and soft and drapes beautifully. On each throw there is a little indented love heart at one edge.

We hope this is a blanket that will bring a pop of colour to your home and will inspire you that there is often a rainbow after a storm and better days are always just around the corner!

Rainbow After The Storm Scottish Lamb's Wool Throw