Kyoto Kaleidoscope Summer Scarf


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Containing twenty one colours this scarf was inspired by a very special yarn used in part to create it, that we collected on a trip to Kyoto. Hand dyed indigo silk made in an Indigo Dyers workshop run by the same family for many generations. 

Natural Indigo has been regarded as a coveted dye for centuries all over the world. Japanese Indigo is taken from the "Tade" plant, unique to Japan and is famous for giving a particularly rich and full colour. I was particularly interested to find out that the indigo dye also repels insects, snakes and some bacteria which made it the perfect for centuries of use in the countryside and cities.

Knitted light weight Summer ribbon scarf handcrafted from the finest yarns with a strong focus on quality & craftsmanship. This ribbon scarf is a great way to accessorise any outfit with our signature mixed colours . The stripes change throughout the length of the scarf to ensure a different look however you choose to wear it. 

This hard working accessory is a must have for your Summer wardrobe and will add a pop of colour whenever you need it.

Each of the coloured stripes is a different yarn so approx:

57% Linen, 24% Cotton, 10% Indigo Dyed Kyoto Silk, 9% Viscose,

Due to the delicate nature of this fabric, due care and attention should be taken when wearing.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash gently cold to 30 degrees or alternatively dry clean.

Size: 132 x 8 cm

Knitted and hand finished by Row Pinto in London